Characteristics That Make Custom Printed E-commerce Packaging A Good Investment

Custom Printed E-commerceWhen it comes to e-commerce, packaging leads the way to brand popularity.

There is a high probability that you must have come across an e-commerce product and its packaging in the last 6 months. The e-trading figures are escalating by the minute. There is a huge demand for online products and e-shopping has been defining retailing for quite some time now. Reliable connections, professional deliveries, and easy access to websites have all contributed to this growth. The recent pandemic saw the e-commerce revenues go through the roof with the U.S. making $861,12 billions of sales in 2020. This is just the tip of the iceberg; the combined potential of e-trading globally makes it one of the most profitable industries in the world.

Almost 51% of shoppers prefer to buy online and stats show that 80% of that customers make a purchase once in at least 30 days. Setting up and competing against already established brands is difficult in the e-trading market. Every year lots of new brands establish trading online but only a few succeed. If you are one of those new e-retailers or wish to enter the market with an already set retailer brand, then you need a handy tool to make your mark amongst rivals.

Customers, whether shopping online or otherwise, state the outer packaging as a big influencer on their purchase decisions. It is a no-brainer to identify packaging as your greatest weapon in cutting through the other lot and grabbing customer loyalty. And with custom printed e-commerce packaging, this feat becomes more viable to achieve. This involves making the brand a well-known name that encourages customers to keep repeating purchases that fuel future growth for e-commerce businesses.

Custom Printed E-commerce

The crucial role packaging plays in E-trading

People regularly post their order receiving experiences on social media. You might have heard several times about items delivered in too big or too small packages, becoming a comical topic. Other times, customers are seen complaining about the packages being torn or damaged that has had a negative impact on the products inside. These unboxing tours have gained momentum over the past years. Potential buyers search for relative posts to know better about brands and their packaging. It has, thus, become supremely important to consider the packaging you are about to deliver your products in. For this will be the image clients remember your brand with.

Successful and well-thought-of packaging can have a big and positive impact on your business’s growth. It can help to minimize the volume and costs of returns. Also, good packaging helps to generate customer loyalty and can effectively get your branding to reach a wider audience. Your packaging can also gather a lot of likes on YouTube, prompting viewers to try out your products and be familiar with your brand identity. Additionally, a lot of other benefits can be reaped out of effective packaging with the right guidance. Some related facts comprise:

  1. Consumers generally form their opinion about a brand in 7 seconds. This makes it crucial to grab this window and make a robust visual impact through enticing packaging that customers like.
  2. Research says that customers normally assign the same importance to the products’ packaging as they do to the brand itself. So, spending time crafting the ideal packaging is surely a beneficial investment.
  3. Some reports also suggest that brands who plan out their packaging to impress clients, see an estimated 30% increase in customer interest in their products.
  4. Approximately 90% of all e-traders in the U.S. send their deliveries in some sort of cardboard packaging. It makes it difficult, and equally necessary, to make your brand name outshine the rivals.
  5. Moreover, around 52% of online shoppers say that if the packaging meets their expectations then they are more likely to reorder from the brand n the future. Surveying customer preferences or trusting an experienced printing house can help your brand to retain clients effectively.

The first impression matters the most

People are quick to form opinions about everything they see and brands are no different from this. To make a memorable contact with clients, the products must be packaged to give-off a positive brand image. Colorful and lively brand logos, texts, and graphics can all add up to glamourize your brand identity. Obviously, the customers approved of your products’ specifications to place an order but what seals that approval is your packaging.

If a damaged and torn package arrives at the customers’ doorsteps, then it will leave an unfavorable first impression. Of course, the packaging must do a lot more than just deliver the packages safely to their destinations. Cleverly designed packages with significant personalization can aptly make your customers feel valued and add to their sense of excitement.

Ultimately, it is the customers who make or break brands. So, incorporating their tastes to create the perfect custom corrugated boxes and packaging can elevate brand recognition to heightened levels.

Packaging equals branding

Well almost if not entirely! Your packaging boxes must be an extension of your brand. It should effectively convey your brand’s motto and intrinsic product info to potential buyers. For instance, brands selling premium and high-end products ensure that the packaging compliments the products with an equally royal appearance. It is imperative to create packaging that aligns with your overall brand values, preposition, and market perception.

Customer interest can be sparked by many elements of packaging. It could be the look of the boxes that meet their expectations, or the timely and secure delivery of products, or the ability of the boxes to store and present the products engrossingly for longer. All or some of these facets can help to reach an acceptable grade of customer satisfaction and foster consumer loyalty. It invariably makes sense to tick off all the right boxes when crafting the packaging of your products.


Custom printed e-commerce packaging has a real potential to boost sales and profits for you. It rightly equips your brand to compete with established companies and steal the limelight with an impressive appeal.

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