Can Quality Oil Filters and Lubricants Help Make a Difference?

Quality Oil Filters
Oil filters and Lubricants

I have been an industrial-grade oil filter and lubricants dealer my whole life and I have certainly seen the changing trends in the use of oil filter and lubricant in the industrial and automotive sector through decades. 

In my early days as dealer oil filters were just used as a tool which was an essential norm while servicing or repairing heavy machinery and automotive and they were never given much of importance that what kind or of what company you are buying. Almost all of the engines and machinery required the same and sometimes I used to pour oil for an automotive and a printing press from the same oil drum. 

But with changing times there have been tremendous developments in the technology that is used nowadays in the manufacturing of diesel oil filter as well as industrial lubricants. One of the top companies which I have experienced in my life has brought great changes in the way it manufactures oil filters and industrial lubricants are Elofic.

Diesel Oil filters

Diesel Oil filters are very important for any kind of industrial or automotive engine as it helps to get rid of the various contaminants that are found in lubricating oil, transmission oil, motor oil and hydraulic oil of various engines.

Some of the various kinds of diesel oil filters manufactured by Elofic are given below:

  • Spin oil filters which are a self-contained housing and element assembly that can be unscrewed from its mating part after it has been used and can be replaced with a new one.
  • Cartridge filters are fitted into an engine designed as permanent frames which encompass the replaceable oil filter or cartridge. These are very easy to handle and powerful oil filters.
  • Metal-free oil filters are used in automotive and are 100% metal-free as well as safe for the environment as they are reusable and biodegradable. They are very good sustainability wise and also strengthens the performance of the engine.

The diesel oil filters by Elofic are highly recommended by me especially for automotive engines as they are craftily engineered to boost the performance of the engines by removing any kind of impurities collected from the wear and tear of the engine as well as from the degrading quality of the oil itself. 

Some of the major reasons for recommending the Elofic diesel oil filters are:

  • They clean almost 95% of the impurities present in the lubricant of the engine.
  • help to maintain the temperature inside the engines while running at high speeds.
  • They are efficient in removing even the smallest impurities from the oil.
  • environment-friendly and is recyclable.
  • They reduce the rate of degradation of the lubricant in the engine.
  • provide the lowest resistance of flow within the engine.
  • They protect the engines base end like bearings and crankshaft from getting damaged.

I recommend every customer of mine to replace their diesel oil filter after use of 10,000 km so that their engine can be maintained at optimum level and any damage can be averted from allowing the flow of impure lubricant in the engine. The oil filters and industrial lubricants manufactured by Elofic are all OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) compliant and therefore never have any compliance issues.

The best part of Elofic oil filters is that they make oil filters for every kind of automotive and industrial engine or machinery available in the market which provides my customers with an array of choices of diesel oil filters to choose from based on their specifications and requirements. 

Elofic also manufactures a range of industrial lubricants for use in heavy pieces of machinery and automobiles. Being a vendor of oil filters and lubricants I can guarantee that Elofic is the only brand which makes the most assorted range of lubricants for every kind of machinery.

Type Of Customer

It is from my personal experience that I have never received any complaint regarding any product I have offered to my customers from Elofic as they produce impeccable and highly engineered and well-tested products for every type of customer, be it 

The lubricants manufactured by Elofic are found to be designed and engineered keeping in mind global standards and therefore they are suitable for indigenous as well as imported pieces of machinery and automobiles. I have sold Elofic lubricants and coolants to several of my customers who have imported automobiles and they prefer the brand when compared with other lubricant brands.

One of the amazing products of Elofic is the multipurpose Lithium Grease which is an industrial lubricant that can withstand high temperatures and suitable for every kind of heavy machinery. It is one of the best-sellers among manufacturing customers of mine. 

I would highly recommend everyone to try out the Elofic industrial lubricants and diesel oil filters as I can guarantee that you may never prefer to use any other brand ever again.