Can a Landlord Process the Early Termination of Lease ?

Early Termination of Lease

You are thinking of investing in the property, then appreciate your decision. Really, the possibility of having the growth as the landlord is very high. But, you need to understand that there are many duties to you. Everything will never be as per your thinking. The time may come when tenants break the rules. They want to move out from your property before the lease ending and many more. You need to handle this with care. 

You are thinking that keeping your tenants will be the only challenge to you, then you are wrong. Sometimes, you want to terminate the lease early. Yes, you have read this right. At the same time, if you think that as you own the property, so you can end the lease any time, then it is wrong. You have your rights for sure. But, you need to know how you can end the lease legally. What happened? You don’t have the information about it, then continue reading this to know the same.

When the landlord can break the lease legally

The landlord always wants to continue the lease for longer. It helps them to earn more and spend less. But there are situations when the property owner prefers to end the lease. Actually, they have the right to do that. Excited to know it, then here the information is:

1. Tenants are breaking the lease terms  

If the renters are someone who just creates problems for you, then you have all the right to remove them. But your disliking can’t be the proper reason to break the lease. In case, the renters create damages or become the reason for your money loss and more, then you can evict them. You have all the rights to terminate the lease.

2. Renovation

Your property asks for the perfect renovation or repair. You need complete access to it, then you can terminate the lease. Yes, you have the right to do it. Providing safety to the tenants is your responsibility. At any time, you can’t compromise with that. So, if your property condition is not safer or you want to upgrade it, then you can ask your renters to move out. You can take help from a Property Management Company as well for processing it smoother.

3. Want to sell the property

You want to sell your property, then just ask your tenants to move out. Yes, every landlord has the right to do that and for the same, you can terminate the lease. If you are selling it to a different landlord, then the buyer can be okay with the same, but others can’t. So, you just tell your renters about the same and ask them to move out.

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4. Moving back it

If you want to move in the property personally, then also you have the right to ask the tenants to move out. You have all the right to break the lease for this reason. In case, they are not giving responses, then you can process the formal eviction.

Things to do for terminating the lease

If you are in the process of terminating the lease, then you have to do it as per the rules. You can’t just throw them out. You need to communicate transparently. You have to give written documents as well by stating the reasons for termination. As per the law, you need to make the papers and process them further.

If you just make them evicted for their wrong behavior, then giving them a second chance will be perfect. You can tell them where they are wrong. If you find that they are rectifying the same, then you can give them a second chance. Give some time and still, the things are the same, then terminate them immediately. Otherwise, you may allow them to stay till the lease is not over.

Understand the state law

You need to give importance to the local law as well. You should know how you can process it, the time you need to give for eviction, and more. The right steps at the right time make things easier for you. So, do the research rightly and process it accordingly for having a better result. You can consult with the expert as well if you have any doubt about anything.


You have an idea of when a landlord can break the lease and how to process it. So, keep doing the same and you are able to handle all properly. If you have any single doubt you can make that perfect or not, then don’t take the risk. You just take the help from Residential Property Management Companies. Tell them about your need and you find that they manage each thing as per the desire.