Business Names for Personal Trainers

Starting a Personal Trainer Business

In Australia, where we have a strong fitness culture due to the fantastic weather we enjoy for most months of the year, becoming a personal trainer can reap great financial dividends. Once a luxury strictly reserved for the rich and famous, personal trainers have expanded into everyday life. They now offer their services to the public in gymnasiums or within a private capacity.

 The typical route of choosing business names sees “personal training” or “fitness” following the name of the individual and for one-person operations, the combination works well. The relevant domain is usually available and establishing a brand is simple. However, these business names are also restrictive when more trainers are hired or when the individual chooses to franchise their operation.

Better Business Names for Fitness Trainers

Firstly, it is important that you follow the traditional points associated with finding an identity for any new business. Keep it simple, ensure your business name is easy to say or spell, be descriptive and think for the longer term. If growth is inevitable for your business, it has to be inevitable for your name as well.

Brainstorming helps so use the perceptions of others to help generate new ideas. Imagine your personal training business in five years time instead of how it is today. How do you want your clients to perceive your personal qualities? Are there any speciality training services your business is likely to provide? Where will you be training five years from now?

Write everything down. Even the most obscure suggestions now may begin to grow into an idea later and you really don’t want to forget a potential gem. Create as large a list of potential candidates as you can. You can always weed out the weaker suggestions later. If some words don’t fit the bill, use a thesaurus to find decent alternatives.

Remember to look closely at your competitors. Think about where they advertise, look at the triggers used that strike a chord with your own consciousness and if something doesn’t look good on paper, come up with your own ways to improve another business name. The creative process offers plenty of scopes and the world of personal fitness has many different terms that you can use.

Spend some time considering your target market. Are you going to train established athletes, help intermediate level fitness enthusiasts or provide services for newcomers? Are there specific terms that might appeal to your market? If you provide cardiovascular training, will the use of regimes such as plyometrics encapsulate your audience? also how to find Goblin Name Ideas

Being memorable matters so avoid complicating your business name with phrases that mean something to those working inside the health and fitness industry but tell nothing to those outside it. Remember that some fancily named programs are likely to be faddy and if you saddle yourself with a business name that won’t be popular when the next new thing arrives, you may have to change your identity again.

Using business names as an online marketing tool by combining them with traffic-sucking keywords helps to improve your search engine rankings. A June 2013 survey from Chitika Insights indicated that websites in the first five positions on Google enjoyed an average of 75.7% of search engine traffic. In large global marketplaces, the number of potential website visitors can run into the millions.