Boost Your Taxi Booking Business With Uber Clone App

uber clone app

uber clone app

The ride-hailing business is one of the most demanding businesses in today’s market. In the last few years, taxi business demand has increased rapidly around the world. This is the prime reason behind the growth of the Uber clone app.

As the population is growing quickly, the utilization of taxis and cab bookings are augmenting. The colossal population and daily requirement for commutations have increased the demand for ride-hailing business. It is the ideal time for startups and entrepreneurs to invest in uber like app development.

Numerous young entrepreneurs and business owners are now investing in this ride-hailing business in order to avail the high profit.

This article will assist you in choosing an Uber clone script that will be most appropriate for your Business. Uber’s clone app guide will help you comprehend all the major features and functionality.

Uber Clone Various Apps:

Individuals know this app as 1 application, but at the same time, 3 apps or panels are working simultaneously.

  • Customer App

The user can download this application via the play store or app store. After that, users can choose to ride now or schedule a ride with the app.

  • Driver App

Every time users book a ride, a nearby driver gets a ride request. The driver app has an option to accept or reject the ride.

  • Admin Panel

This plays a vital role in the daily functioning of the app. Admin panel manages everything that happens on a daily basis, from taxi booking to ride management.

Now, let’s have a look at the key features to consider including in the Uber clone app.

Customer App Features:

Social media login: passengers can easily login through their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Request rides: After successful login, passengers can book rides instantly with just a few taps by providing their pick up & drop off locations.

Schedule rides: Users can also schedule their rides for a later date as per their convenience.

Push notification: With this feature, customers can receive alerts on the trip fares, driver’s location, and other related details.

Multiple payment options: Allow passengers multiple options for payments such as cash, credit/debit cards, net banking, and more.

Live to track: Users can track the drivers assigned to their rides and view the estimated time of arrival (ETA) details in real-time.

In-app chat: Once a ride is booked and accepted by the driver, riders and drivers can have chat via text with each other.

Rate & Review: Users can share their ratings out of 5 for the service they got and their feedback.

Driver App Features:

Easy registration: Drivers can easily register themselves with their email id or mobile number or directly log in through social media accounts.

Driver profile: Drivers can set their profile by uploading documents like ID proofs and license straight from the application.

Driver’s availability: A driver can set their availability on their profile. He can switch their availability (On/Off) anytime within the mobile app.

Alert of ride requests: When ride-booking is done by the passenger, drivers will get immediate alerts from surrounding areas.

Accept/Reject rides: Drivers can accept or reject the ride requests for valid reasons. If he rejects, it will automatically be sent to the nearest drivers.

Route navigation: Drivers can also see the passenger’s route with a GPS tracking feature.

Earnings report: Drivers can see the earning reports on a daily, weekly & monthly basis, including all necessary details and payment methods.

Call/chat: The driver can call or text the rider for any queries related to the ride.

Admin Panel Features:

– Powerful admin dashboard

– Fare management

– Users management

– Drivers management

– Vehicle management

– Driver Payout management

– Analytics report

Uber clone solution for creating an amazing online taxi booking app

If you are planning to develop a phenomenal uber like taxi app, then it would be a very smart approach to make utilization of a readymade Uber clone script. This is because by using such a ready to utilize the script, you can succeed in building your own taxi app successfully and rapidly. Uber is one such complete online taxi booking platform that is providing extraordinary on-demand taxi services around the world.

So, when you utilize a carefully built clone app of Uber that most perfectly fits your online taxi business model and needs, you can build up your own feature-rich taxi app within a short period of time.

Likewise, it is wise to choose a versatile Uber clone script. Because, after that, you can customize the script with extra features and functionalities in your online taxi booking app easily as per your requirements.

Now we can see what are all the key concepts that ought to be considered to popularize your Uber clone app in this competitive online ride-hailing industry.