Best Shopify SEO Apps 2020 European regulations on cookies

These applications will allow you to follow the rules governing the use of cookies

EU Cookie Banner  : To make sure that you are strictly following European law on the use of cookies, EU Cookie Banner is here. By integrating it into your Shopify store, a banner indicating the use of Cookies appears on all your pages. When the customer accepts, the banner is automatically hidden. Note that this application optimizes the visibility of your store in google searches.


GDPR Compliant Cookie Banner : To ensure that your EU customers find that you follow the standards governing the use of cookies, the GDPR Compliant Cookie Banner provides you with an efficient way to display the necessary banner so that customers can accept these standards. Compliance according to the requirements is one of the major assets for success in your e-commerce store.


Automatic relaunch of abandoned baskets

To help you automatically relaunch abandoned shopping carts, here are some applications that handle situations well:

Beeketing Checkout Boost : Beeketing Checkout Boost is a necessary tool in their Shopify store to promote social sharing with freebies, free shipping, and discount offers . With just a few clicks, you can ask your customers to share their baskets, the delivery quality on social networks, etc. This way, you can hope that other customers will place their orders with you. This is a great way to optimize traffic, especially in social networks, as well as the reference of your products. So do not wait any longer! Boost your sales growth with this tool and easily find a way to meet the needs of your clients.

Checkout Boost : Apart from the referral technique made by the customers themselves as well as the affiliate program,
sharing shopping carts on social media is also a very effective technique for attracting the attention of others to come to you and consume your products. Checkout Boost is necessarily the application you need to carry out this sharing. Especially coming from FB and Twitter, very interesting traffic will appear in your Shopify e-commerce store.

mCheckout (Multi-Currency Checkout) : Reduce checkout abandonment rate in your Shopify store by up to 50% by opting for this powerful app from mCheckout. You will also have a very happy payment experience with this tool which supports 125 currencies. Customers can pay in currencies available in their countries.

Push Notifications : To find the most reliable notification marketing app, we recommend Push Notifications.
This is the perfect tool for your Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday (BFCM) needs. In addition to its functions knowing how to effectively recover abandoned carts, it allows you to customize the notifications that you will send to customers according to the different circumstances that arise during sales.


Push Owl : Without spending a lot of time yet setting up the app, Push Owl is the notification tool that works right after installation. Necessary to set up BFCM needs, Push Owl is used to automatically recover carts abandoned by certain customers. This is necessarily the application you need to adapt the notifications to be sent to customers according to your expectations.


SMS bump : SMSBump is the only text marketing app you would ever need. Allowing you to configure the automation of texts that switch on certain events in your store, the application also keeps track of the results obtained. Right now, create your marketing campaigns in seconds and find the results will bring more profit to your Shopify store. By customizing the views, you can set up forms to collect customer phone numbers.

Recart: Recart is committed to bringing you more money in your Shopify store through its Facebook Messenger marketing- based features . The application was also designed to automatically recover forgotten or abandoned carts while analyzing the reasons for these customer behaviors. This means that in addition to collecting those carts left behind by customers, you can find out why they are doing this. You will only have to improve your Shopify store according to the defects observed.


Saving the customer’s cart

For cases where the customer’s basket is saved, use these tools:

Free Persistent Cart App  : Free Persistent Cart App is a tool that knows how to meet the expectations of your customers when changing the devices they use to shop in your online store. Therefore, the application allows, when changing the mobile device used, the storage of items already added in the basket (of another mobile phone). This makes it easier for customers to order while reducing the number of abandoned carts.

Wishlist Plus : Wishlist Plus allows you to synchronize customer and store data while bringing an aspect of user-friendliness to your store. It is the tool your customers need to share (with friends or families) their wish lists for purchase. Purchasing journeys are then carried out over several sessions and channels. Your sales will definitely increase with the advanced features of this tool.


Tracking of orders, parcels

These applications will help you track orders and packages sent:

Trackr : Trackr is the application you need to track in real time the location of the delivery of customer orders.
More than 400 letters can arrive at the same time in your inbox concerning the management of the sending of the orders. The application allows you to personalize notifications and send them automatically to customers according to the progress of the delivery of their items.

Tracktor : Tractor is an ideal tool for tracking parcels as well as boxes sent to customers. The information obtained is in real time and all anxieties or concerns can be calmed because the tool allows customers to display the progress and location of their orders. Working with more than 500 carriers , the designers of this application are committed to delivering packages and boxes on time without damaging them.

Parcel tracking estimation = Elite Tracking : Very useful for conversions in the world of e-commerce, this powerful tool allows you to find other customers. Try to increase your sales while remaining natural.


SEO extensions

SEO techniques are of major importance in the world of e-commerce. Here are some apps we recommend:

FireAMP : In these times when most shoppers use mobile devices to visit e-commerce owners’ sites, it’s important to optimize your store and make your access fluid. FireAMP is definitely the solution you need for this. Your store pages have to load fast lest customers leave and get frustrated. Use this tool and you will see that the number of visitors to your site will increase.

Mobile Converter – Boost mobile conversions and revenue : This tool makes it possible to gain more sales by using the techniques of commerce on the mobile which has become the most used device for surfing. Convert with this application the contents of your site (to be readable on mobile displays) and optimize them to have more traffic. The success of your e-commerce necessarily depends on the fluidity and visibility of your Shopify store.

SEO Plugin : SEO Plugin makes it easy to spot SEO issues in your Shopify store. It is therefore an essential powerful tool to better position your store in google searches. When problems have appeared in the diagnostic results, you can correct them while improving your visibility. The application tells you the steps to follow to improve the negative or poorly referenced points yourself.

SEO Image Optimizer : Get more traffic with SEO Image Optimizer to your Shopify store. This is a tool for analyzing and correcting your SEO in searches. 110,000 stores present at Shopify have not regretted using this application very easy to use. We recommend that you go for SEO Image Optimizer and you will find that your sales will increase thanks to the optimized SEO of your content.

SEO Images All-in-One : To better position your Shopify store in google searches, we recommend that you use this tool which will recommend that you resize product photos and speed up content loading during researches. With very advanced tools to boost your online sales store, this application helps in particular with SEO concepts.

Shoprobe : It is a tool used to analyze your traffic, your social media… and improve them considerably. After establishing the tests necessary to know the problems relating to your SEO, it is crucial to take the next action: correct the weak points and add the notion of Shopify SEO to better position the Shopify store in the searches.