Go Behind-the-scenes With Frazier ‘Kay’ Khattri and Nissan in Compelling YouTube Doc

Social Media Influencer
Social Media Influencer

As a Social Media Influencer and content creator, England’s Frazier Khattri is first and foremost an entertainer. He aims to captivate the audience he has gathered through all the major social platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. From there, he can collaborate with other influencers or brands, as long as the primary function of the content is to entertain. 

Khattri’s focus on making engaging content has allowed him to amass an extraordinary audience over his esteemed career. His personal YouTube has over 6.4 million subscribers and his shared YouTube with his brother Jarvis has over 1.4 million. The organization he was previously a part of, FaZe Clan, grew into one of the largest and most watched media organizations in the world, having successfully made an impact in many different sectors such as lifestyle, e-sports, gaming and fitness, with a lot of that growth credited to Khattri and his contributions to their YouTube channel while he was running it.

Because of this success, Khattri has collaborated with many brands who want to reach his audience, including Beats, Apple Music, Rimowa, Verizon, and more. The videos are often fun and feature a big prank or reveal of some sort, leaving a lasting impression on his audience because of the humor. However, when Khattri worked with Nissan on a video in 2020, the brand wanted to create a Nissan sponsored documentary about the humble beginnings of Kay and his brother Jarvis and how they went from a small town to screens all over the world.

“I loved the authenticity that shone through in the video. It was just showing how we live day to day, and I think it allowed the fans to connect more with us as real people instead of entertainers. I enjoy showing people our family home and life in the UK,” said Khattri.

When Nissan came to Khattri about the opportunity, he was immediately excited to show his fans who he and his brother were outside of YouTube. They filmed half of it in Los Angeles where they were living at the time, and then a few months later they went to the UK to shoot the brothers in their hometown. 

“There was no incentive to make it a super-fast-paced video, in fact it was more the opposite which is refreshing for us considering the meta on YouTube of having to have super quick videos to maximize retention. 

Allowing for this intimate look into their real lives instantly connected with fans. The documentary was viewed by over 2 million people on YouTube, as it resonated with many young fans who one day wish to follow in Khattri’s footsteps. For those looking to do so, he offers some wise words:

“Despite what many people think, it is an extremely demanding and tough business to have longevity in. My advice would be to find your niche, and it’s important you have a genuine passion for whatever that is. Studying the analytics of your content is extremely important as that holds the keys for your growth and improvement,” he advised. “Value your audience’s time and intelligence, and be prepared to grind content out for years sometimes before you hit upon the right formula! And have fun, that’s the most important thing!”