Android Stereos- Best Investment For Your Car

Android Stereos

A typical stereo enables you to play music, access FM and AM radio stations whereas an Android stereo enables you to watch movies, accept calls, text messages, browse through your social media accounts, use GPS, and enables you to do a lot more. You will not regret whilst shifting from a typical stereo to an android stereo. These are easily accessible in the market at reasonable prices. These have many features but it all depends on you that how you choose to use them. Android car stereos are very popular nowadays as many people are getting them installed in their cars. Though you cannot get any random stereo installed in your car, it is supposed to have specific measurements, in accordance with your car.

Android Stereos

Features of an android car stereo:

Many types of android car stereos are available in the market, in order to find the stereo with the best features certain things have to be kept in mind:

  • Screen Size: A stereo having a screen size of 6 to 7 inches will enable you to properly see the screen whilst you are driving. It is a perfect size, it will not come in your way and will not interrupt you whilst driving. You definitely want to get a screen installed of 7 inches.
  • Buttons implanted on the steering wheel: New versions of the car mostly have buttons implanted on the steering wheel through which you can control the stereo. So make sure you choose a stereo that supports such types of functions.
  • Has wireless compatibility: Mostly stereos have a USB connection but a stereo with WIFI and Bluetooth connection can be very beneficial as you can just easily connect your phone with the stereo without needing any wire. This also reduces the number of cords fixed on your dashboard.
  • Easy to Use: For your ease, it is important that you find a unit with in-built controls, push forward and backward buttons, and easy-to-read font. This will enable you to spend less time looking at the screens saving you from any type of mishap.
  • Storage: Whilst deciding the stereos keep an eye on their storage also. A stereo system with low storage will restrict you from downloading apps and as your options will become limited your experience will not be nice. It is better that you choose from a stereo having large storage space as it will give you a better performance.
  • Offline GPS Navigation: Though GPS Navigations are present in every car stereo, it is important that you check whether your stereo has offered offline navigation. This is because internet connections are unpredictable and later this can cause difficulty for you.
  • Price: Price of course plays a major role in deciding which type of android stereo you would want in your car. A stereo with better features will obviously be expensive but it will be worth your money. But if you have a certain budget and you don’t want to go out of it then you can decide from the stereos which fall in your budget.

Some best android car stereos of 2021:

1.      SWM 7″ Car Stereo Touch Screen Car Audio Receiver: As the name suggests this stereo system has a 7” high-resolution screen. It has Bluetooth and microphone functions which allow you to answer calls, listen to music and watch videos. The screen has a great sensitivity to touch and supports android plus iPhone mirror links and navigation. After investing in this you won’t regret it.

2.      Binize Double Din Touch Screen Multimedia Radio: Its 10” inch screen with a 1024×600 high-resolution, which gives an awesome visual experience. It has a dual zoom function that supports music and navigation at the same time. It has awesome sound with a built-in microphone and a Bluetooth feature. The most important feature of this is that it has a feature of steering wheel control. From the buttons on the steering wheel, you can easily change the radio channels, switch songs and adjust the volume. Although this stereo has a low price the reviews of customers ensure that it provides high-quality features.

Picking the right one:

Many types of car stereos are present in the market nowadays and picking the right one can be an infuriating job. For achieving a better experience, you can do research on car stereos and remember which type of features are necessary for a car studio and what additional features do you want. This will make your shopping experience considerably easy.