Alexa No Longer Shows Complete List of “Sites Linking In” Free – Introduces Paid Plan

Alexa No Longer ShowsHi Guys! It is probably not good news. Alexa no longer shows the complete list of “Site Linking In” free. Alexa shows many features of any website free like Global rank, Rank in a particular country, Total number of backlinks, etc. Now it shows only the top 5 backlinks. If you want to see more links, you need to subscribe to the Pro plan which costs $10 per month.

Why it important to know which site is linking in for any blog?

Alexa rank and inbound links are the second most important factors after Google PageRank for any blog. We know that Google PR is not decided by high traffic and total “backlinks”. It is calculated based on Quality of Content, Quality of Traffic, and Quality of Inbound links (high pr do-follow the link). But this is not common with Alexa. Instead of the “Quality” of traffic and links, Alexa rank is defined by the “Total” number of links and traffic. So anyone can get a good “Alexa Rank” by high traffic and high inbound links. It is very easy to create a backlink for Alexa. Just visit any blog and put a comment. If the admin approves your comment, you will see that the blog is linking to you. Thus you can build hundreds of links pointing to your blog easily by just commenting.
Earlier we were able to see which sites are linking to any blog. Many emerging bloggers used this technique to find out similar blogs for commenting. Let’s understand in depth. Suppose you check my Alexa rank. It also shows the total number of sites linking in. You can further see every blogs and site which are linking to me. So you can know easily where my links are coming from. You also start comment on that blog. Thus it was an easy task to find a similar niche blog to create an inbound link. But, now Alexa put a limit. You can see only the top 5 sites. This is bad news actually because if you want to see more links, you will have to pay $10.

We are gaining top Alexa rank day by day:

When I started this blog three months ago, its Alexa rank was around 1,76,00,000. This was on the blogger platform having 7-8 blog posts. When I migrated to self-hosted WordPress last month, its rank was around 25,00,000. Today, our Alexa rank is 3,80,000. We are going up 30k-50k rank daily. I hope my blog will be listed in the top 1 Lac sites by the end of this month.

How to get a high Alexa rank in just three months?

Well, i successfully achieved a 400k rank in less than 2 months. There are various factors apart from traffic and backlinks. I have done detailed studies and analyses on this topic. You will have to wait for my next post in which I will describe every aspect of “Alexa Rank”. Stay tuned with us!

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