A Guide To Buying New Tyres: The Different Types of Passenger Tyres and Truck Tyres

Buying New Tyres


Buying tyres is not as simple as it seems. You won’t find this much variety in any other car part. But this diversity makes it a little bit complicated for people who are buying tyres for the first time or have little knowledge about it. There are hundreds of tyres out there in the market, each with a different purpose. From highway tyres for well-paved surfaces to winter tyres for ice snow, you can keep counting.

To end these complications, we are going to share a detailed guide with you which will explore different types of tyres.

Types of tyres

First, you need to understand that there are two major types of a tyre which are:


  • Tyres for passenger cars
  • Tyres for Heavy trucks and SUVs


Tyres for passenger cars:


These tyres are designed for passenger vehicles, cars which carry and passengers and cargo and are mostly driven on roads and highways. Passenger vehicles include:

  • Sedan
  • CUV
  • Minivan
  • Mid-size SUVs
  • Coupe
  • Hatchbacks
  • Small Wagons


Now coming down to the variety of tyres that are available for these vehicles include:

All-season tyres: All-season tyres are designed to endure multiple weather conditions. From driving in rainy weather to driving on ice and snow, these tyres can do different jobs. The unique benefit that comes with these tyres is that the driver does not have to worry about changing tyres when the weather changes. However, one thing to keep in mind is that these tyres are not ideal for extreme winter or summer conditions

Touring tyres: Providing all-season versatility, touring tyres deliver comfortable and smooth rides. The difference between all-season tyres and touring tyres is the better responsiveness and high-speed rating that consumers get in touring tyres

Performance tyres or summer tyres: Summer tyres are designed for hot weather. These provide great traction in wet conditions as well. The tread in the summer tyres is soft and can go through a very high temperature. These tyres are popular among owners of performance vehicles as they have the ability to attain great speed. Falken Azenis FK510 is a great example. It is engineered using 4D-Nano design tread compound and new design evolutions that give high-speed stability, cornering performance and excellent braking on both dry and wet roads. 

Track and performance tyres: You can remember track and performance tyres as racing tyres. These tyres offer the best performance on tracks but are hardly used on roads. You can spot a track tyre for distance because of its distinctive design with large and smooth tread block with shallow depth. 

Tyres for heavy vehicles:

Heavy vehicles include as 4×4 SUVs, pick-up trucks and other sizable vehicles. While passenger vehicles are small and are used for carrying passengers only, these cars can meet an array of other needs like towing a trailer or climbing rocks.

Trucks come with powerful and flexible suspensions. This power suspension is supported by different tyres. Some are:

All-terrain tyres:

All-terrain tyres are designed for people who drive on roads but also like to embark on thrilling off-road adventures. For instance, if you are looking for a tyre that will support your office commute by providing comfortable rides on highways but at the same time you want a tyre which can take on the rough terrains like steep hills, mud and gravel, then this tyre is for you.

Mud terrain tyres:

Mud terrain tyres are specialised tyres which are crafted for off-road usage. All-terrain tyres cannot survive harsh off-road conditions like hitting sand dunes or climbing large rocks. And, even if they do, they will wear out much faster.

If you only drive on rough terrains, then don’t opt for an all-terrain tyre, rather choose a mud terrain tyre which provides maximum traction in these conditions and offers a long tread life

Highway tyres: As the name suggests, highway tyres are crafted for highways and roads. These can maintain ideal traction with well-paved surfaces. However, these are prone to damage when driven on rough terrains.

All-terrain tyres and mud tyres both make noise when you drive on a well-paved road. However, highway tyres offer an ideal ride with great comfort and no vibration or noise. These can also resist hydroplaning and push the water away from the way thanks to their unique tread pattern.

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