A Complete Guide on Wide Format Printing

Wide Format Printing
Wide Format Printing

Ever since the digital transformation has taken place, the marketing approach has also shifted to the online platform. Still, the demand for print media in the advertising agency hasn’t been affected. People notice the large printed banners watchfully and read through them rather than reading through every social post. The significance of print marketing is prevalent and companies are practicing it for their business growth. 

One of the most attention-seeking marketing techniques is wide-format prints. The large banners, posters, and signage appeal to the onlookers instantly. It is among the best promotional activity even today. Furthermore, the wide format printing online solution is also there to get the design part ready. 

Today we are going to understand the wide format print and get an in-depth explanation of each facet of it for your business. 

So, let’s begin with the definition of wide-format printing

What is Wide Format Printing?

Wide Format Printing is one type of digital printing. It uses large and wide rolls of printing material that are too large to be printed. It is a popular commercial printing practice. Usually, the wide-format printer comes with a paper roll width of between 18 and 100 inches. Hence, it is also known as large-format and grand-format printing. 

Wide format is among the biggest print format that businesses use for advertising purposes. This type of print is normally used in trade shows, marketing events, and exhibitions. The major examples of wide format printing posters, banners, vehicle graphics, tradeshow signage, wallpaper, and other large format marketing materials. 

Additionally, wide format is a versatile printing method that delivers high-resolution printed materials in multiple shapes, sizes, and surfaces. It grabs the customer’s attention easily and displays the brand name, logo, and product specifications. 

How does Wide Format Printing Process Work?

The print process for wide-format printing is a sort of digital printing. It is the best-in-class method to produce high-quality print materials. The wide format generally uses inkjet technology to print on different media and sizes. The ink is applied to the product directly. It builds a more authentic and vibrant image to be displayed in sales and business events. Although there is a software called web 2 print available for designing aspects of wide-format printing. 

However, the process differs based on the materials and size. The bigger the size the more expensive your print process becomes. Moreover, some of the technologies that are suitable for wide-format printing are;

  • Flatbed printer
  • Roll-to-roll printer
  • Solvent printer
  • Plotter printer

Thus, wide-format printing effectively provides you with the right print materials on time. And you have the choice to select the printer and process based on your budget and requirements. 

What is Wide Format Printing used for?

Wide-format printing is not generally needed for regular business purposes. It is essential for businesses to run marketing campaigns, trade shows, and special launch events. However, it is also popular in wallpapers and comes as home décor. 

It is an eye-catching solution to seek attraction on onlookers easily. Businesses get the benefit of building their brand entity rapidly in the market. Hence, you should showcase your brand and product line in an aesthetical design representation. The more unique and visually appealing your wide format print is, the more it has a chance of gaining potential leads. 

Hence, wide formats are the best offline advertising and promotional tool that appeals to a large audience and make your business build a reputation in the industry. Although, a successful trade show or launch campaign requires the ideal wide format printer that delivers the best-in-class prints for your brand value. 

So, let’s have a look at the major factors to consider when selecting the wide format printer.

5 Factors consider while choosing the Right Best Wide Format Printer

Wide-format printing is an extensive type of print that requires the right equipment and approach to get the desired outcome. Your business needs a printer that offers you according to your business needs. Remember that printers should provide top-notch web-to-print software that offers customizable templates for wide-format printing. So, here are the prominent factors that you should consider when picking the right wide-format printer;

1. Materials

Deciding on the exact type of material you require, can simplify the process. Having your materials requirement clear can assist you to plan the design priorly. When it comes to materials the list includes; inks, paper, canvas, and many others. 

Remember to consider the printer that offers a variety of materials. It makes you choose from multiple options. You can see the compatibility among the materials and structure of your print product accordingly. 

2. Speed

The main capability of the printer determines based on the speed at which it can print. Speed is indeed an essential factor to prioritize knowing the efficiency of the printer. How fast and accurate your printer delivers the print documents influence your decision of selecting the printer. 

However, the speed factor shouldn’t affect the quality of the final product. It’s necessary that the printer offers product within the stipulated time and maintains quality as well. Companies that require high-volume printing and need bulk prints consider the speed factor primarily. 

3. Cost

Now, the cost factor is the one that majorly affects the decision of choosing the printer. The printer that serves you with all the requirements for your business should fit into your budget. Moreover, wide-format prints are usually part of the advertising, so it comes under the advertisement expense for the business. 

The cost of producing the print files will depend upon the materials and type you choose. Hence, plan your budget wisely and make the aspects clear while choosing the right printer. 

4. Quality

No matter how you plan the budget and materials, the quality of the final product is the integral factor that businesses look for. And the major thing that determines the good quality of the print is resolution, surface, and ink cartridge. 

Well, the quality factor can be decided with the sample prints. Ask the printer for a sample before finalizing the print contract. Thus, a sample print is probably enough to determine the quality and makes you take the decision. 

5. Support

It’s necessary that the printer you select offers you with through-out support in the production process. For instance, your printer should have the machinery and materials in place to deliver the print document rather than ask you to get the materials from outside.

Having every component of your print product from one supplier makes you handle the process easily. From paper to final printed product, it’s preferable that the printer support you with each and every requirement. Hence, you just have to place your print order and get it dispatched to your premises.

Wrapping up

The bottom line is that wide-format printing still has a strong spot in advertising activity. You can make your unique brand entity with wide-format prints. It is an effective way to get noticed and build a customer base. 

Furthermore, when it comes to selecting the right printer, do consider the aforementioned factors very well. The success of the advertising campaign depends majorly on attractive and graphically structured wide-format print files. It also assists to get your business ahead of the competition. 

Plan your trade show or event and put print marketing into practice to enhance your business visibility!