7 Easy-Peasy Hair Care Tips for Curly Haired Beauties

This post is specifically curated for all the curly haired beauties out there. You have read so many hair care blogs on the internet, doing everything they suggest and still feel that your hairs are not showing a satisfactory result. Well, calm down as we have got few easy-peasy hair care tips just for you. So give it and read and thank us later:

Curly Hair
  1. The first tip is to never overdo it. As the person who grows with curly hair, you probably are aware of the fact that these curls are more prone to being dry. Therefore it is essential for you to never go for washing them often as doing extra shampoo will strip the natural oil from the hair making them look dryer than ever.
  2. Make sure you wash your hair one to two times every week. Say no to washing your hair on alternate days or even daily shampooing. If you feel like your hair is getting all frizzy, don’t just rush in shampooing. You can try several protective hairstyles at that time.
  3. This tip too is related to shampooing. Make sure your hair scalp is all cleaned after your shampoo. The curls are more prone to attract dust, dirt and oil. So while doing your shampoo, make sure you rub and cleanse your scalp properly. Don’t start rubbing them roughly; you can use fingertips for gently massaging and rubbing.
  4. Another pro tip is to condition your hair often. It is very significant for the health of curly hair that they are regularly replenished with moisture. You can use the conditioners after shampooing. There are some leave-in conditioners in the market as well. Make sure you use the product which is specific to your hair type. Yes, the conditioner that might work wonders on smooth, straight hair won’t work for you. So make sure you invest in the product especially curated for curly hair. Oil treatments and other home remedies also work wonders as they are effective in deep conditioning of your roots.
  5. As soon as you get out of the shower, make sure you dry your hair with a cotton T-shirt in a very gentle manner. Hair is more vulnerable after the wash, so make sure you are very gentle with them at that time. For curly hair girls, you can scrunch it to get rid of leftover water. Don’t just rush in rubbing your hair with a towel roughly, as it often leads to frizzy hair and causes hair damage too on a great extent.
  6. Don’t use the dryer every time. You should minimise its usage. The best way is to let them air day, you can use some serum or cream on them or even leave argan oil in for more defined and healthy curls.
  7. If you have a hairbrush, get rid of it ASAP. You should never brush your hair. Wide tooth comb is your best friends in this scenario. You can use them before the shower or just rely on your fingers for detangling the hair after the shower.

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