3 Things to Know about Corneal Transplant


Corneal transplant is a surgery used to remo

ve damaged cornea and replace it with the healthy corneal tissue.


Corneal transplant surgery is something a doctor can recommend only after a thorough examination of the eye. It’s all about replacing the damaged cornea with a healthy one from the eye of a suitable donor. While improving the eyesight, the corneal transplant helps relieve pain in the damaged eye. This surgery is only recommended when the patient’s cornea is too damaged to be treated with basic medication.

Primarily, the corneal transplant is meant to improve sight, alleviate pain, and repair the perforation in case the cornea has ruptured. There are numerous medical conditions leading to the need for corneal transplant;

  1. Keratoconus

Normally, this medical condition affects 1 in 500 people causing the cornea to weaken, getting thinner and changing shape. It’s amongst the most common reasons for corneal transplantation that usually starts affecting in the early teens and – to some – it might occur even earlier. Not everybody suffering from this condition needs to undergo this surgery. Many of them experiencing the mild form of this condition can cope well through contact lenses. But in most case, it leads to the corneal transplant.

  1. Endothelial Failure

Here comes another major reason for the corneal transplant. It normally affects people in the elderly stage. What endothelial cells do? They actually line the cornea’s inner surface & pump fluid in order to keep the cornea clear. Since these cells can’t particularly get replaced so when it gets damaged, the cornea becomes waterlogged & cloudy. So when this condition occurs, the corneal transplant surgery gets necessary.

  1. Infections & Inflammation

Infection to the eye itself is one of the most common reasons for the corneal transplant. Infection & inflammation primarily lead to corneal scarring thereby making it difficult for people to see clearly leading to the corneal transplant. Here’re a few major reasons why people might develop infections of the eyes include;

Weakened Immune System: You know what immune-compromised mesa? This is a condition that some people suffer from and whosoever having this can’t fight off infections. There could be a number of reasons behind why an individual is immune-compromised that normally includes an HIV infection, immunosuppressive medications, blood cancers such as leukemia.

Contact Lenses: If you wear contact lenses, you must keep up with these good habits. Make sure you clean it regularly, take-out appropriately and change on a schedule otherwise you might be at a higher risk of ocular infection.

Eye Rubbing: If you have developed this bad habit of rubbing your eyes consistently, it’s high time you stop doing this. Keep in mind! Those of you who keep rubbing their eyes can develop infections. Perhaps that’s the reason why doctors recommend washing your hands regularly & properly.

While some types of eye infections can be treated quickly thus avoiding permanent eye damage, severe infections can also lead to corneal scarring that requires a Corneal transplant in Dubai.