3 Benefits of Being an “EARLY BIRD”

If you check out the routine of successful people, you can see one thing in common. The thing is most of them are a morning person. Yes, they do get up early and even strongly stick to it claiming that it’s those few extra hours that help them in staying ahead to the competition.

Being an early bird has many benefits and here we have listed a few:


Increased productivity

Early birds, you often see them be more productive than night owls. Productivity becomes one important reason that many people pursue being the morning person. There is no scientific reason as such. It’s quite elementary as you don’t have to rush into things first thing as you wake up. You can easily allow time to different things; even prepare a planner for the day in complete calm and after giving enough thoughts.

While the rest of the world is still dreaming, you are awake to fulfil that for real. This is a motivation in itself that will keep you going. And believe us, try it for a week and you can see that you are able to do major tasks of your day planner by lunch.

A boost of energy

How many times we see or even walk down the workplace as if there is no such thing as “energy” we are aware of? So, waking up earlier can help you with that too as you feel more energised and active for the whole day. Waking up energetic is not the only thing, you will be able to implement your routine too.

For instance, you can indulge yourself in exercise, yoga and even meditation. You can go for a run and dedicate these early mornings to physical activities. This will help in releasing the happy hormone, endorphin which is a great boost and an instant mood uplifter.

It’s not just that, you can dedicate these mornings in something more complex as well like writing or coming up and penning down the ideas for your business or to even plan something big for it and coming up with strategies. A distraction-free space with mild winds and a beautiful sunrise is all that your mind needs the first thing in the morning to function well.

Develop self-discipline

It is very easy to press that snooze button and to enjoy a few more hours or minutes of sleep. But waking up with the sunrise, it requires a lot of discipline and will to do so. And it is not built in a day or overnight. It is a gradual process. For some, it may start waking up 1 minute earlier to what they woke up the prior day, for other its few more minutes till they reach their desired hour. It will in bits that you will build your habit of being the morning person which will gradually help you to form other new habits and even stick to them for good.

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