10 Most Powerful Women in Blogging

Most Powerful Women in Blogging
Most Powerful Women in Blogging

Just a rerun. One of the classic posts from JOAB. And 2005. Read the comments these peoples are nuts. We rank the 10 most powerful women in the blogging industry.

1. Ana Marie Cox of Gawker Media

She has done everything right in her blogging career. Starting with working for the Blogger Don himself Nick Denton. It appears in some circles that Ana Marie is eclipsing Nick Denton, and well she is a damn good writer too. Sometimes a writer can be bigger than her publisher.

2. Heather Armstrong

She is a sleeper pick for number one for next year. Heather seems so average and yet she is so damn popular. She could take over one spot if she set her mind to it, and joined up with a blog network.

3. Jen Chung of the Gothamist Empir

She is a strong candidate to become the net’s leading lady in 2006 as she sits atop one of the net’s fastest growing blog empires. She doesn’t work for Nick or Jason which gives her added points from our secret panel of judges.

4. Xenia Jardin of Boing Boing

She has just snuck on this list by being linked to so many websites we can’t even count them all. Xenia secretly desires to be much more powerful according to some of her closest allies. She could be a heavy player if she ever decides to leave Boing Boing behind.

5. Wendy Cheng

She has one of the largest internet followings for a twenty million-something from Singapore & other country . While none of our adult concept even very heard concept of her, our teenage concept all gave her number one votes to catapult her way into the middle of the top ten.

6. Elizabeth Spiers, formerly of Gawker Media

She could have been numeri Uno had she stayed with Nick. She had a huge bunch of potential instead she sold out for instant success. Rumors have her returning to start her own network to take on Nick. We’ll have to watch and see. Just this rumor makes her powerful enough to hang out in the top 10.

7. Jessica Coen of Gawker Media

She has made a name for herself as a skilled writer who can talk about more than Paris Hilton. Although that’s not always good for business. She was Nick’s handpicked successor for a bunch of nobodies, and she is starting to eclipse Elizabeth Spiers as the new queen of Gawker. Longevity pays off in this business. And rumor has it Jessica is a Gawker lifer.

8. Joi Ito of Technorati

She has her hands in a lot of Web companies, some you might not even know about yet heard work. This makes her damn powerful. Often times the one you don’t know that well is the most powerful women & leader. 

9. Mena Trot of Seaport

She runs a good company, does it quietly. Doesn’t piss people off, and does it well. She sneaks on to this list because so many people love to hate her.

10. Shai Coggins of B5Media

She is a hot commodity she singlehandedly built a small sized blog network merged it with another small sized network to create one of the largest blog networks overnight. She seems to be making a positive name for herself by making some smart moves here at the end of the year. Look for her to be a mover and a shaker for a long time to come.

A Few of My Sleeper Picks for 2006

Katie Getz of the Gothamist Empire ( http://bostonist.com ) is a passionate writer, and was really fun to party with when I went to the Patriots Super Bowl party with Tom Brady and Co. She took down more shots than Tom’s O-Line, and still was able to blog afterword’s. Any woman that can do that deserves a shot in 2006, especially now that the Patriots suck.

Rachael Borer of the Gothamist Empire is a party girl. I am in Miami on business when I meet up with her in a South Beach bar and she totally drinks me under the table. She gets a shot on the list just for that.

GirlSpoke.com( http://www.girlspoke.com )in the 9rules Network, yep the entire staff. The other day I am reading their site at work when I almost cream my pants. They write with passion and are totally hot. They sneak into my sleeper picks for next year just because their cool, and sexy.

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