7 Mistakes that Keep Your Solar Customers Away from You!

Solar Customers
Solar Customers

Are you noticing a downward dip in your solar sales? Maybe there are a few things you are not doing correctly to gain solar customers. We know that generating leads for solar is way more difficult than one could imagine. Tough but not impossible, we will introduce you to some common solar mistakes that many companies make and methods to avoid each that will help you increase your sales. Let’s dive in!

Solar is trending for the last couple of years. Many people are embracing it while a few are still hesitant to give thumbs up to solar installation. The major two reasons that drive this resistance in people are one—it is expensive and two—it is time-consuming. However, a successful solar salesperson knows how to convert this resistance into inclination. Even with the high resistance to solar, there is a steep demand for solar panel installation. The reason is that once installed it considerably lowers the utility bills and reduces carbon footprint. Many solar companies opt to buy solar leads and flourish their sales by meeting customers’ demands. But some solar companies are still finding it challenging to even survive as the solar industry is fiercely competitive.

What do people think about solar installation?

People who have not opted for solar and think of buying it clash with several questions which are:

  • Apprehensions about the cost.
  • Lack of knowledge about the concept.
  • Less to no understanding of how solar works.

These are some common questions that people have in their minds about the whole notion of solar. A true solar salesperson should resolve all such queries to make them more confident about going solar.

Common solar sales mistakes and ways to avoid them!

Good solar sales are a vital factor that helps a company grow and sustain itself in this competitive industry. In order to expand your solar sales, learn these common mistakes that many solar installers make. Learning them will help you avoid each making the sales process even more effective and fruitful.

Mistake 1: Not quickly following up with leads.

In marketing, a lead is a person who is interested in buying the product, for example, residential solar leads. Simply put, it is a person who wants to know about solar installation. This interest in the prospect can convert into sales. Whereas, if you miss it, your competitor will grab this opportunity and serve them with their solar services. You don’t want it right?  

You can trigger this interest with a message such as a friend referral, solar ad, etc. If you fail to activate this interest it will quickly diminish, and the chances of buying solar vanishes. This is just like your new year’s resolutions (getting in shape, eating healthier, etc.) which start with a spark and expire with month end. That is why follow-up is very important. You need to contact the customer the moment a lead is generated because the chances of conversion drop subsequently.

Mistake 2: Assuming that your customers know about solar

Selling solar for any salesperson is exciting. From saving money to getting clean energy, you can tell so many upsides of going solar. However, there are some salespeople who assume that the client knows everything about solar installations. There are numerous people who think that investing in solar panels is a costly mistake or feel that it won’t save them a penny. Some even think solar panel maintenance is a headache.

Every person has a dissimilar perception of it. That is why it is vital to address each of their queries and concern they have about solar. Avoid focusing on what you want to say like the benefits and drawbacks of microinverters and string inverters rather listen to what your clients have to speak. Otherwise, you will lose customers’ interest which vanishes fast.

Mistake 3: Offering several options and confusing customers

Giving options to your customers is good. But giving too many can overwhelm your clients and confuse them. Especially when they don’t have a clear understanding of solar and its installations. Figuring out leads and reaching out to them with your offerings will not help you much. Most of them know a little about solar and are still in deciding process. As going solar is a big decision and requires money, if you give them too many options, things can go contrary.

For customers who are still indecisive about getting solar installation or not, an additional expense can be costly for them. Many studies have shown that when people are supposed to take several decisions, they stay with what they understand well or don’t take any. We are not asking you to not give options to your customers. If you see that a person has less knowledge then give them directions. Whereas if the customer knows solar, give them choices.

Mistake 4: Bashing your competitors before solar sales

It is good sales skills to win against the competition but if you do it when the prospect is not sure about the solar, it not only works against your competition but also won’t favor your business. A customer goes through different stages before coming to a solar purchase decision. From awareness to interest, they go through various phases before opting for solar energy. When they reach the evaluation stage they weigh different options and decide whether to choose you or not over your competition.

Yes, it is tempting to win customers by spiking others in the competition by throwing uncertainty, fear, and doubt about them. Like their solar panels are of bad quality, their team is inexperienced, or their financing is a scam. By doing this, you will scare your prospects and push them away from installing solar panels. This will weaken their interest in going solar and they will drop their decision.

Mistake 5: Not contacting your former clients

You should never lose contact with former customers because they can be your best promotion resources. Going solar is a tough decision for anyone because like other things it lacks trialability which means they cannot try it and return if not liked. There is no concept like test-driving in solar. No 30-day trial or no free-of-cost sample. Either you get it installed or cannot experience it at all.

To take out a safe path, your prospects check the reviews of your past customers. Your prospects will surely ask for your former customer’s referral to know their actual experience after taking your solar services. They can ask your past customers about their uncertainties, maintenance, or savings they did after partnering with you.

Mistake 6: Giving up on getting enough referrals

We have seen many solar power companies giving up on leads and not getting referrals within 3 months. However, to get referrals you need to provide yourself with a long time limit perhaps 6 months. A study has shown that the average time taken by a person for solar installation is 9 months. This is the time they take from considering solar to making a purchase decision.

There is a big opportunity to win a referral or client within 3 to 6 months. If you give up before 9 months, you leave a huge money-making opportunity on the table. We are not saying to contact each former customer continuously. You need to be very selective when you pick past consumers before contacting them. Think cautiously and carve out a strategy to approach them and ask for referrals.

Mistake 7: Keeping prices unrealistically low

Many solar companies adopt this strategy to lower their prices from the competition. It is undoubtedly one of the best plans to attract prospects but it will backfire on your sales graph.  Some people might even think that your products are of inferior quality and that is why you quoted a cheaper tag for them.

However, 70% of interested customers are willing to pay more money for long-lasting products. Quote your prices according to durability, quality, and performance. Keeping prices competitive is good but never mess with the quality and your sales. It is essential for your business’s growth and sustainability.

Wrapping up

Making a solar sale is a big challenge because generating quality leads is not piece of cake. Think about your customers, it is one of the major decisions for them where a lot of money and time is involved. These all factors place doubt in their mind and here a true solar salesperson’s doggedness removes customers’ uncertainties and convert it into sales.

Decent solar sales play a key role in surviving in this fiercely competitive industry. Energy cost is rising with each passing day and going solar is the best way to save huge bucks on bills, so people will think of going solar now or soon in the coming future. Take advantage of this demand but avoid doing the aforementioned mistakes during the sales process. Through detailed research, we have found all these slipups that solar companies make while selling their services to customers. Check all of them meticulously and try not to commit these mistakes in your next sales pitch!