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Joint families are big families in which parents, grandparents, uncle and aunt, and their children live. In these types of families the sons live with his parents and other family members after marriage. The eldest member is the head of the family and takes all important decisions. He is responsible to take care of the needs of the family members and keep them united. The members not only live together but also eat together, play together and work together. The concept of joint family is prevailing in India since the time of Lords. It continued during the reign of kings till today. In these families there is a lot of fun, caring and sharing. It seems as if the house in which a joint family live, has become soulful.

A joint family gives an environment where children grow emotionally stronger and mature. Children get to learn the values from their grandparents. They get the love of all elders. They come to know the importance of living together. In joint families, grandparents love children the most. They tell them stories and teach good habits. All siblings and cousins live together. They share things with each other and help in troubles. Father and uncles go out to earn either in same business or different one. They share the expenses equally and support one another financially. Every member makes financial contribution to the common fund and makes their daily expenditure from it. They share common rights in the household property. Mother and aunts do household work and cook food for all with love.

If any member wants to do something or take some decision, the others support his/her decision. During tough times, they go through the pros and cons of the situation, discuss it and then take the decision accordingly. Similarly, at the time of celebration, all members work together and make the celebration grand. They divide the work among each other and give responsibilities. By doing this, no single person finds himself/herself under burden. Children too, learn to divide work and utilize resources. They use the resources like books, notebooks, clothes, shoes, etc.  Of their cousins and lessen the expenses. Thus, a big amount is saved.

In modern times, the number of joint families has reduced and only a few families are seen living together. They too, live together either by force or compulsion. The separation of joint families happens due to unbalanced feelings of generosity, charity and togetherness. Modern families prefer to live as nuclear or small families. They think living together creates misunderstandings and boundaries among each other. Thus, the children remain diverted from all love and care. They become frustrated and find themselves alone in tough times. Thus, children should live in joint family to overcome their fear of loneliness and strongly face problems and challenges put towards them in life. Joint family can be run successfully if the members remain committed to each other and live together selflessly in order to give their children a better life and a better future.   

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