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As soon as the motivation strikes, we just rush in to enrol ourselves in the first fitness club or gym we find. Joining the gym is no different than choosing a partner that helps you in getting better every day. So make sure you don’t fall or settle for anything less than perfect.

Making your work easier, for this post we are discussing the first three factors you need to consider very carefully before joining Gym or fitness club. Here it goes:

  • Location

This is one of the primary things that you need to consider before joining the gym. You have to be there for 4-5 days of the week. Hence you have to ensure that is easily accessible from your place. A gym with every machine and the best of the session might prove to be a total waste if it is too far away as there are good chances that you probably won’t go on a regular basis. So make sure the location of the gym is easy and nearby to your home or office.

  • Hours

This is one of the most overlooked factors as people generally tend to go with assumptions for this. You have to look and consider this. Most of the times people just go by the notion of “gym is open all hours of the day” and they didn’t even bother to ask this. Just make sure that you confirm that the gym is available at the time and days when you want to work out.

  • Cost

Every gym has its own way in which they operate. You may have to sign up a contractor follow up their terms and conditions and pay a certain amount each month. The more types of equipment and machine the gym has, the more will be their membership fee as you will also pay for it. But there are many other ways in which you can make sure that you’re getting the full value of your money.

  • Some special packages:

You often find special packages in gym wherein you don’t have to pay for the initiation fee or any extra fee for personal training. You even find a few months free on special packages. Before signing on, it is essential to ask the sale person about the special packages.

  • Show some negotiating skills:

There are many gyms where you easily find some negotiable features. Don’t be hesitant in asking them. You can ask them to change the terms of the contract or even waive off the registration fees. If you think you have good negotiating skills, then you can go for even ask them to lower their monthly fees.

  • A good research

Don’t just rush in to take the first offer. Make sure that you cover every gym in the area and get the idea of what each of them is charging in exchange of services. They might have some similarities but there are few specifics as well. You can then decide upon the best and even are in a position to negotiate.

With these things, we hope you make a judicious choice in selecting the right GYM.

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