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A website requires a lot of users to make it a success. How could this happen? Social Media Marketing process helps to gain traffic to any website using social media sites. It is the process of content creation where the content is custom-made to the context of all social media platform to drive user engagement and sharing. It is the use of websites and social media platforms that can promote a service or product. It is becoming popular for researchers and practitioners.

Social Media Marketing is one of the essential parts of digital marketing that contains content creation and sharing on various social media networks to achieve your branding and marketing goals. It includes various activities like text and image posting and updates, videos and other content that drive audience engagement and paid social media advertising. Social media platforms can help companies to track their success/progress by using their in-built data analytics tools. Through social media, companies can interact with customers directly.

Nowadays, various social media marketing companies are there to provide their services to businesses to increase their brand value and online presence. Social media marketing companies in Gurgaon is one such example.

Now moving towards planning the strategy which helps you to plan social media strategy for your company. Check out the Guide For Social media marketing which helps you in building your brand:

 Use chatbots – Chatbots is a digital tool that helps to communicate with customers and resolve problems without any human interruption. Apart from this, chatbots integrate with various social media platforms, which are commonly used by many customers. Platforms like Chattypeople integrates AI-powered chatbot into your social media strategy easily. These kinds of tools help you to create a chatbot that:

  • Do not require any knowledge of coding
    • Can answer customer queries
    • Can take orders directly form messenger and comments on Facebook
    • Can integrate with major payment systems
  • Create a personalized experience for your customer – Chatbot not only automates everyday tasks but also allow you to create more personalized experiences for your customers. For this, you will have to stop linking your advertisements exclusively to your landing pages. Create ads that will take your users to a messenger window with your chatbot. By relating ads to your chatbot will do the following:
    • Make the customers feel that you are not only trying to sell but also connect with them
    • Have a personal touch with the customers
    • Enhance your sales
    • Create loyal customers
  • Create a content marketing strategy – Have quality content. This is very important for the right marketing strategy. Content marketing is a prominent form of marketing for quite some time. You should link your quality content to the right posting schedule. High-quality SEO content will get your larger audience at the right time. When the SEO rank is high, the content is usually seen first to the users. This way your website can gain more visibility among the users.
  • Create your audience community – Show your audience that you connect with them. Integrate personality through emotions and humor in your posts. This will enable your audience to relate to your brand. Have your communication with your customers by:
    • Asking questions
    • Opinion gathering on specific matters
    • Sharing exciting information
    • Liking and sharing some of their posts
    • Ask the audience to interact with your posts
  • Use brand promoters – Make use of your employees to find new customers. To make use of your employees as brand advocates, you should:
    • Be specific to your brand while creating social media guidelines
    • Tell your promoters about best practices of social media
    • Add a leader to monitor this
    • Track correct data to find out areas of improvement
  • Create profiles – Create profiles on related channels so that you could reach out to as many people as possible. Look at your buyer personas while you choose your social media channels.
  • Set up a social media budget – Allocate the right budget to your social media endeavors. It is a cost-effective way when you keep the budget with the right strategy. This would help you to choose your target audience. As social media is at the personal level, it is a platform where you could connect deeper with customers.
  • Run cross-channel campaigns – You can run cross-channel campaigns across your social media channels, to involve your customers. These campaigns can run virtually by many companies per day, so you will have to find a way where you could stand out from the crowd. Adding an emotional component to your social media campaigns that relate to a cause, could be successful.

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