Summer is beating all of its records this time. The temperature is crossing 45 degrees in many states which are affecting both humans and animals. Many animals and people have died all across the nation due to heat stroke.

Here are some hacks for you to beat the heat and be safe.

1.   Be hydrated: It is one of the most important points among all because dehydration is very common in summers. Keep on drinking water and keep yourself hydrated. Not only by water but also by other liquids such as buttermilk etc. Don’t think of hydrating yourself with cold drinks, choose as natural things as you can. Instead of drinking packed lassi make it by yourself at home and that will be more effective.

2.   Avoid stepping out in the afternoon: You can’t stop every work and sit at home but as far as possible avoid stepping out in the afternoon. The sun is the strongest at this time and hence the greater is the risk of heat stroke. We can’t avoid emergency situations but if have a choice then do that particular work either after or before. Take full precautions if you don’t have any choice.

3.   Cover yourself up: For the situations when you can’t avoid the sun, cover up yourself with scarfs and summer coats especially your head. Remember prevention is better than cure so make full precautions. Try to wear full sleeve clothes that are fully covered so that your skin will not be in direct contact of the sun. You can’t even imagine how much damage UV rays can cause to your skin. Choose your sunscreen wisely and prefer more natural and herbal one as sunscreen also contains some very harmful chemicals that can be really harsh on your skin.

4.   Wear Bright colors: Black and dark colors absorbs heat and hence prefer wearing bright and light colors in summers. I know most of us are obsessed with the black color but keep those colors for winters and have fun with colors in summers. You can go for pastel colors, all shades of pinks, light shades of greens and many more. Trust me it is so much fun and you will rock the summer rock. Also, choose the fabrics that do not stick to your body.

5.   Eat water rich fruits: It is also a part of being hydrated. Eat fruits that have a high quantity of water such as watermelon, melon, etc. Eat seasonal and regional that is the key. Such fruits will help maintain the water level of your body. Our body is made up of approx 75% of water and hence no matter what the season is you need to keep up the water balance of your body. Being in the sun for a long time can cause dehydration and hence it becomes more important in summers to hydrate yourself.

By following these hacks you can prevent yourself from many diseases that can be caused due to the summer.

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