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Family is the important part of our life. Family is the one who are always with us for our rescue. There are all types of emotions in the family. The family is of two types:

  • Joint family
  • Nuclear or small family

Here we discuss about nuclear family. Nuclear family is a family group consisting of two parents and their children. These types of families are small families. There are normally 4-5 members in nuclear family.

Disadvantages of Nuclear Family:

The lack of patience in couples is always seen because of distance from in-laws. They don’t get a chance to learn anything from their elders. Children do not get proper love and affection from their grandparents. Couples have to share all the responsibilities with themselves whether they possess its knowledge or not. They hesitate to share their problems due to ego. Children don’t get chance to learn etiquette. They are spoiled because there are no elder is at home to teach them about moral science or to keep an eye on them.

In most of the cases when a couple become parents they are confused how to handle the situation. In many cases they even commit mistakes which convert into crimes. Nowadays, women are also working they get lots of money but satisfaction is zero. They become busy in their jobs and unable to give any time to their children. Reason behind this is also nuclear family.

Risk faced by nuclear family:

The parent find crippled unable to manage the household effectively. They are unable to get any good support from grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins even during challenging times. They are unable to meet every person’s needs effectively. In nuclear family, the partners have to fight among themselves and are left with the fewer solutions they can think of for resolving the conflicts they come across. The instances of child abuse, neglect and malnutrition issues are much in nuclear family. In case of emergencies, the nuclear family lacks a sound supporting system that can come for help. And it also leads to poor understanding and complain about the challenges which encounter ultimately staining the relationship.

Precautions taken by nuclear family:

Parents should be extra careful towards their children because there are more chances to become rowdy due to absence of elders in their house. Parents have to teach moral science to their child. Parents have to tell their child about their grandparents and other members of family. Parent’s responsibilities are increased due to small family. They have to give extra time to their child. They have to be always ready for any situation.


Nuclear families are small family. In these families, there lack of moral values. These families have to face many problems. They have lack of support from their family at the emergency situation. The joint family is much better than nuclear family. Nuclear families have much stress in compare to joint family. For example, In the nuclear family , if both mother and father have attend business tour for 2-3 days then where they leave their child but if they are in joint family they leave their child with their grandparents.

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