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Nature is there everything around us including the surroundings in which person, animal or plants live. Nature is the essential part of our life. It is very important for us. It is the only home that humans have, and it provides air, food, and water and other needs. It plays an important role in regulating air and climate. It is a polycentric and multifaceted problem affecting the human existence. Nowadays, the environment is polluted very much. And it is not good for us. Human beings are most powerful and intelligent among all living creatures. Thus, it is the responsibility of every human being to protect and save the environment, so that the future generation may enjoy the gifts of nature and environment. If it is not done then it is very horrible to live in polluted environment.

Reason behind polluted environment:

There are many reasons of polluting environment. That are excess use of natural element, deforestation, more use of vehicles and electronic items, set up of industries and factories, wastage of water, lack of cleanliness, throwing wastage into water reservoir, etc.

Why these problems occur?

These problems occur due to increase in population. As population increases, the need of people also increases. Like population increases then the use of natural elements also increases and for their education the papers are used and the wastage of paper also increase and for making paper we have to cut trees and also for  cooking, woods are used and that increases the deforestation. And because of deforestation, raining is reduced and cleanliness of air is also reducing. To make everything easy, electronic items are used which pollute air or use much electricity. For employment, the set up of industries and factories are increasing which create air and noise pollution and the waste of factories are discharged in water reservoir which create water pollution.

Steps for saving environment individually:

There are many ways of saving environment are as follows:

  • Avoiding printing more papers because papers are made by trees.
  • Stop using wooden decorative.
  • Plant more and more trees and shrubs.
  • Use brown paper bags for lunches.
  • Adopt plant.
  • Gift plants on your friend’s birthday.
  • Don’t keep paper towels in your house.
  • Stop making disposable chop sticks.
  • Prefer walking instead of vehicle.
  • Use water according to need.
  • Use less amount of natural element like coal, wood, petrol, etc.
  • Repair the leaking tap.

There are many ideas to save our environment. So, take one step forward to save our environment.


If one takes initiative then others should join and support him to get success. We have to store this line in mind forever to achieve the goal, because when we lose hope or start thinking that what changes come only by me if we want change then all have to come forward, at that time this  line help you in gathering confidence. So, if you take one step forward then obviously other will join you. So, we have to save environment by own and try to join others in your aim of saving nature.

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