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We know the first thought that comes to your mind after thinking of a beautiful flower arrangement for mother’s day is a designed bouquet of ROSES. But there are so many other flowers with beautiful appearance and fragrance that can totally enchant anyone. So, if you are looking for something other than the conventional rose bouquet for this Mother’s day, here are a few interesting ideas. Give it a good read and we are pretty sure that by the end, you will have an amazing pick for the Mother’s day floral bouquets.

Here it goes:


It all begins here. Yes ANNA JARVIS who is the founder of the Mother’s day on the death anniversary of her mother sent white carnation counted up to 500 to every mother in West Virginia congregation. Isn’t this a beautiful gesture? That’s where it all started.

Carnations come in different colours with every colour depicting a different meaning. Mother’s love is best connoted by pink carnation while the white carnations depict the unconditional love and are believed to be a sign of good omen too. The best thing is the flowers have the longest vase life which means your mother can cherish this much longer.


These flowers can enchant anyone with just a sight. Moreover, the flower is available in multiple colours and each colour symbolises something different. Royalty is represented by the purple coloured tulip while red tulip is for profound romantic love. Cheerfulness is connoted by the white tulip and the pink tulip is believed to symbolise affection.

Not only that the flower is available in different varieties like lily fringed, parrot, fringed, French and many more. So if you’re looking for a beautiful luscious flower bouquet that can connote uniqueness at its best for your mother on this mother’s day, TULIP is your flower.


Peonies make up for the most beautiful bundle of flowers as they come in a variety of shades like red, pink, white, and even purple. If your mom loves a beautiful bunch of colourful blooms, then gift her the luscious bouquet of peonies with a sweet message for this mother’s day. Peonies make for the huge blooming beauties, so it literally will be a luscious bouquet of blooms. The plus point is obviously the mind stirring fragrance.


Orchids in the parallel universe might be the synonyms of eloquence. And we are pretty sure that your mom’s reaction after seeing a beautifully designed bouquet of orchids for mother’s day would be “what better could I ask for except these beauties”.

The orchids are for all the mothers with the best taste in fashion, styling and bold colours. These blooms are considered to be the “most evolved” of the flowering beauties. The good thing is that the flower comes in multiple colours and sizes. But as of if you get all confused, you can go for pink orchids as they symbolise femininity and elegance.

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